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Instant Celebrity!

It's tough to get famous if you don't get off your butt and actually do some work, but believe it or not, you can use your obesity to become a star. Okay, maybe you won't be Oprah, but being really fat is a sure way to get on the local news or some health show. Just the other day, I was perusing all of my 800 TV channels and lamenting not being able to find one show to watch, when I stumbled upon fat night on the health station. It was a cornucopia of blubber and excess! First up was "The Half Ton Mom" followed by "The 650 Pound Virgin" and then "The World's Fattest Man," all rounded out with by the sequel, "The World's Fattest Man Gets Married." Granted, a lot of these people were unhappy and wanted to get gastric bypass done, but the world's fattest man seemed to be doing fine. I also saw a news segment once about a woman who was so fat that she had to be cut out of her home. Again ... instant celebrity! With the right manager and publicist, you can make a career out of this. Book deals, the talk show circuit (via satellite, of course), and even more TV shows can be yours! You just have to keep stuffing your face.

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