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What goes hand in hand with being fat? Okay, besides food... and lack of exercise... That's right -- TV. Fat people don't get a chance to get out much, as evidenced by the woman who had to be cut out of the house and carried with a fork lift. That means they have a lot of time to watch TV. You can follow all the shows that people think they should be watching but really don't. You might even be able to keep track of the convoluted, made up on the fly, story line of Lost. If you have a computer, that's even better. I have a fat friend who lies in bed all day with a computer positioned right up against the bed. He surfs the internet 24 hours a day, visiting all the gossip sites, entertainment web pages, and social networks, scouring the internet for any tidbit about pop culture that he can find. Want to know how many olives Lindsay Lohan had in her martini? He's your man. Want to know who the heck all these Jersey Shore people are and why they are famous? Again, go to the source. Of course, knowing all of this makes him a great trivial pursuit partner, but only if you play via webcam.

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